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GMT800 vs. GMT900: Which One Is Better?


by Ian Nicholls


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Wondering if GMT 800 is better or GMT 900?

We understand that deciding which truck will serve you the best can be tough.

The crowd very much prefers both GMT800 and GMT900 however, the argument about GMT800 vs. GMT900 can be long, and the credit goes to their remarkable features.

Here in this article, we are about to give you some clear insights into the benefits you will experience once you get your hands on either of the models while comparing them with each other to know which is better. Read along to learn everything you need to understand the similarities and differences between GMT800 and GMT900.

What is GMT800 Truck?

The GMT800 model was a full-sized truck model by General Motors, which was in use from 1999 to 2006 chiefly. Founded for the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups, it was the successor to the GMT400 series of C/K pickups and SUVs.

Eventually, the model was replaced by the GMT900 series in 2007. The model was the first truck application for the brand-new GM Generation III V8 engines.

GMT800 Truck
GMT800 Truck



Initially introduced at the 2006 North American International Auto Show, GMT900 (by General Motors) was another full-size pickup and SUV model from 2007 to 2014.

As previously mentioned, this model replaced the GMT800 series in the market. Additionally, GMT900 was the first of the next-generation Chevrolet Tahoe that was discovered during those times.

(Source: Autoblog)


Now that we have had a short discussion regarding the two models concerned, let’s get to the chief comparison of which one could be better for you, per our recommendations. Let’s go!


The built quality of a GMT800 truck can be considered far better than that of a GMT900 truck. The GMT800 models do have natural paint and real steel and come with torsion bars suspended towards the front side.

In the case of heavy-duty comparison, the GMT-800 platform performs more efficiently and better than the GMT-900. Also, the prior one turns out to be more challenging than the GMT-900 ones.

As far as the GMT-900 models are concerned, the GMT-900 models come with greater power and towing capacity when compared to the GMT-800 model. 

The GMT-900 platforms have a structure of coated brake lines and a completely boxed frame.

The freshly introduced rack-and-pinion and the coil spring front suspension are found to be much more advanced in a GMT-900 model than in a GMT-800.

The GMT800 vs. GMT900 suspension is also a variation to look out for.

 The brake feels to be more intensified in a GMT-900 model than in a GMT-800 one.

The GMT-900 model has worked better on the grounds of noise, vibration, and harshness and has turned out to be more advanced than a GMT-800.

 Furthermore, GMT-900 platforms have a splendid update of 6-speed over the old four-speed that was present in the GMT-800 models.


The GMT800 model has been found in several models and variations to fit into the overall taste of the audience out there.

The price range of a GMT800 can be between $50,000 and $90,000.

On the other hand, purchasing a GMT900 will cost you between $48,000 and $80,000.

This depends largely on which model you choose and the specifications you are looking for.

Pricing is a factor that is highly subjected to vary from one person to another depending on their budgetary plans and needs.


As generally expected from a model that succeeds another, GMT900, having followed GMT800, has put in more effort in the styling ground of the truck and is more dependable at higher mileage.

However, if you are hooked on the concept of getting a greater truck experience, even though outdated, the GMT800 will be a blissful choice for you.

With more advanced technology, the GMT900 has crossed the bar set by GMT800 in styling and outward getup.


The major difference between the engines in the two models is that the GMT800 uses LS engines, whereas the GMT900 uses an AFM engine.

Until GMT900 was introduced in the market, GMT800 had the best quality GM ever manufactured.

When it comes to sturdiness, it is hard to defeat a GMT800 LS engine.

In the other half of the story, the GMT900 models using AFM engines turn out to be a little too bothering because they need to switch back and forth between the four cylinders and eight cylinders.

Even the most minorly-caused inclination can turn it back to eight cylinder


The GMT900 model functions on a newer engine with splendid fuel economy.

It has worked better towards a modified direct injection system that simplifies working at a lower rpm level.

The lower rpm aids in reducing the wear and tear of the other components in the model.


When compared based on towing capacity, both models are in high crowd preference.

The line of difference between the two models in towing capacity is not that huge. The GMT800 has an ultimate towing capacity limit of 25,000 pounds, whereas the GMT900 has 31,500 pounds. Even though the GMT800 Vs. GMT900 weight difference isn’t too much; the towing capacity counts a lot.

Both tolerate trailers with a GWR (gross weight rating) despite their differences.

Thus, the GMT900 truck is the leading one between them and, therefore, a handier.

We have jotted down the difference between the two models of the most commonly concerning features in a truck. To give you better clarity, you could refer to these two links, which specifically discuss some key elements of the two models.

Check them out!




The audience’s preference is bound to differ from person to person depending on the necessities and criteria they are looking for in their models.

The GMT800 tends to be preferred more by the people who care about the features of the engines, the paints, and the steel the truck is made up of. Even the interior is a better one than the GMT900 model.

Even though it had been reported to have some cold known issues, it has been resolved now. The GMT800 suburban reliability also attracts many veterans to still choose this model.

Whereas, the new updated features and look that GMT900 has brought with it, too, gets preferred by many people. The coated brake lines and the AFM engine, too, stand out for being a preference of some.


1. What Is a Chevy GMT900?

The Chevy GMT900 is claimed to be the most reliable Chevrolet Silverado model that has been seen in the market by the most widely used commercial trucks that ride their trucks for quite long distances every year.

2. How to Fix the Common Issue of the Carpet on the Passenger Side Being Damp in a GMT800?

This GMT800 problem is generally caused due to water entering the cab near the third brake light, and air vents and the foam seals can also get worn out.

To fix this, you can use silicone to seal up the space and replace some broken parts that might otherwise be present (if any).

3. Why Are the Priority Groups Numbered 6 to 10 and Not 1 to 5?

The Priority Groups 1 to 5 are related to the previous Takata airbag safety recalls that had already been launched in vehicles like Pontiac Vibe and 2007-08 Silverado/ Sierra 2500/3500.

4. Are There Any Common Issues Reported Against GMT900? If Yes, What Are Those?

Fuel level sensor failure, Excessive oil consumption, instrument panel failure, HVAC actuator failure, faulty 4WD sensor, and switch are some of the commonly reported GMT900 problems encountered by the users.

GMT800 Vs. GMT 900: What Should You Choose?

Now that we have almost reached this article’s culmination point, we hope to give you the insights you were searching for.

GMT800 vs. GMT900 can be a tricky choice to make but if you know what exactly you are looking for, your choice-making will get simpler.

If you want to go by durability, GMT800 is going to serve you better than GMT900; whereas, if you want something newer in the market with enhanced features and appearance, GMT900 is the right call for you.

The decision is now, all yours!

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