Flameking 2-Stage Auto Changeover Propane Gas RV Regulator Kit with 2 12″ Pigtails

Flame King (KT12ACR6a) is an Auto-Changeover LP Regulator that allows you to attach two 2 Propane gas tanks where the regulator changes the tanker automatically when one gas tank gets empty. 



Flame King Auto-Changeover LP Regulator has a feature to connect 2 Propane gas tanks, automatically switching from one tanker to another and vice versa when either of them gets out of gas. It also has an indicator that changes colors letting you know when a gas tanker becomes empty.

The internal chamber is a ¼” SAE inverted flare fittings, and the external outlet is a ⅜” NPT female thread. To maintain a steady propane supply and balance the gas chambers on the regulator, you have 12” pigtails on either side of the LP Regulator.


  • You can remove the empty-gas tank to refill it without interrupting the flow of Propane gas from the usable tank.
  • The tanker switches from the primary tank supply to the reserved tank supply in the two-tank RV Propane gas Regulator.
  • Best fit with the 48-inch Thermo Plastic Hose, item 100383-48.
  • Double gas chambers allow the user to maintain a constant gas supply at conditions requiring an immediate response.
  • You can connect the Propane gas tanks with two 12 inches pigtails that are also available to support the tanks.
  • Rated for 19,000 BTU


ManufacturerYSN Imports

BrandFlame King
Item typePropane gas Regulator
ApplicationAllows the use of Propane gas in the form of tankers for a steady supply of gas.
Special featuresAllow the user to refill the empty gas tank without disturbing the other gas tank, the reserved tank.
Overall width4.00 Inches
Overall length7.00 Inches
Overall height4.00 Inches
Overall weight2 lbs
Included componentsRegulator, two pigtails

What’s the use of Flameking 2-Stage Auto Changeover Propane Gas RV Regulator?

The Flame King 2 Auto-Changeover Propane gas RV Regulator kit with two 12-inch pigtails is a gas chamber device that allows you to use Propane gas by fixing it to either side of the machine and opening the valve for the gas to pass.

  • Allows the smooth flow of Propane gas to all RV appliances
  • POL valve connection that allows the gas tanks to connect more easily.
  • Dual chamber allows a constant flow of gas, maintaining the pressure whenever you expect changes.
  • If you want to maintain a heavy supply of Propane gas, Flame King 2-Stage Auto Changeover Propane gas RV Regulator is the best choice for you
  • The released pressure is maintained by the two-stage chambers like the pressure released from one chamber is controlled by the other.

Flame King 2-Stage Auto Changeover Propane Gas RV Regulator Manual

Flame King Auto Changeover Manual



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