NOCO Genius 10 6v and 12v 10 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

The NOCO Genius 10 is a 6v and 12v charger with a 10-amp rechargeable battery and sustainer designed with upto 45% more power to charge and sustain all types of airtight packed lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.



The NOCO Genius 10 has a 10-amp battery charger and maintainer that you can use to charge 6v and 12v automobile, marine, and lead-acid batteries with batteries that are in a deep-discharge condition.

You can use the battery charger by connecting it to an AC plug-in, fixing the clips or the terminal loops to the flooded, gel, valve-regulated battery, lithium-ion battery, and tapping on the button. The Genius 10 battery specifies the temperature and alters the current accordingly, avoiding excess charging in warm weather and controlled charging in cold weather.


  • The battery has a Universal AC input of 100-240V.
  • The Genius 10 charger has two modes: the normal charging to charge batteries down to zero volts and the force mode that allows you to set manual specifications for deep-cycle batteries.
  • In-built feature to test battery characteristics like overcharging, short circuits, or reversed polarity damage.
  • Small needle-sized alligator hooks with combined terminal rings.
  • Restores lost battery performance for powerful engines with extended battery life by fixing issues like sulfation and acid stratification.
  • 3-year extended warranty.


Item typeBattery charger
ApplicationCharges 6v and 12v lead acid and LifePO4 batteries with BMS.
DisplayBattery charger and maintainer with integrated charging modes.
Special featuresCharges and sustains battery power for batteries that are either dead or used to an extent, along with detecting in-battery issues.

Overall width3.73 inches
Overall length7.91 inches
Overall height2.31 inches
Overall weight3.33 Pounds
Included componentsNOCO Genius 10 Charger, Genius Clamps, and M10 Eyelets, Mounting Brackets and Strap, 2 Screws, User Guide, and Manual

What’s the use of NOCO GENIUS 10 product?

NOCO Genius 10 battery charger and maintainer is one of the most powerful and smart batteries that can charge, fix issues, and sustain battery power for any 6v and 12v lead-acid or lithium-ion flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free batteries.

  • Charges batteries with deep capacity that register to zero volts and protects them from overheating by maintaining a steady supply.
  • NOCO Genius 10 has a built-in diagnostic check feature that fixes issues like false current flow, damage, and battery short circuits.
  • Thermal sensors to detect the temperature outside the device and charge the batteries accordingly to maintain a mode.
  • If you have more than one car, it is highly recommended to have the NOCO Genius 10 battery charger and maintainer to keep your batteries sustained.
  • NOCO Genius 10 Battery charger is a portable power bank that can be used as a multi-purpose solution for battery problems. 



NOCO GENIUS 10 Battery Charger and Maintainer Brochure



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