Hwstar 2022 Upgraded 180W DOT 500% Bright Anti-glare H6054 5×7 7×6 Led Headlights

Hwstar 2022 upgraded 180W led lights are bright and durable products with the best beam pattern in the market.


Hwstar 2022 upgraded 180W LED lights are durable products with aluminum alloy housing and a modern look. 

They have a curved design that perfectly matches your vehicle, leaving no gap and giving you beautiful, and stable illuminance. 

They are made with an anti-reflective coating to control and reduce the amount of reflective light in your eyes so that you can focus on the road.  

Hwstar 2022 upgraded 180W led lights can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions. 

They can be used in rain, snow, or fog conditions to provide you with uniform and credible driving vision. 


  • They are the best value upgrade headlights thanks to their modern, sophisticated appearance, super bright, 9500lm/6500lm high and low beam, durability, waterproof and uniform light.  
  • They have the best Z-shaped beam pattern in the market that offers super bright and uniform lights, with no blind area and dim spots.
  • They have a thickened aluminum alloy housing making them durable with high impact resistance to strong heat.
  • Stable illuminance. Hstar 2022 upgraded H6054 led lights use the latest high-quality A+ chips and unique advanced anti-aging circuits, resulting in lower heat and energy, ultimately ensuring the illumination does not reduce. 
  • Fitting. Hwstar 2022 upgraded H6054 led lights to fit any vehicle with 5/7 inches square lights. 
  • They consume 180 Watts providing you with a magnificent, more comprehensive, and longer driving vision.


Light source typeLED
ModelH6054 LED headlight
Product dimensions( L*W*H)7.91*5.65*4.1 inches
Voltage 12 Volts
Lifespan100,000+ hours
Special featuresPerfect Z-shaped cut-off line, unique anti-aging circuits, and stable illuminance.
Illumination stabilityA+
High beam9,500
Low beam6,500

What’s the use of the Hwstar H6054 Led Headlights?

Hwstar 2022 upgraded H6054 led lights to illuminate your way when it’s raining, foggy, at night or when there is snow. They’re best suited for:

  • Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • Jeep Comanche MJ
  • Toyota pickup
  • Jeep Wrangler YJ
  • Ford models with 7*6(5*7) inches square headlight
  • C4 Corvette
  • GMC Savana etc
Manual: H6054 user manual


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