Power Probe III Clamshell Red Circuit Tester

Power Probe III is a digital multimeter tester that can be used to check your automobile’s electrical system


Power Probe III is a digital circuit tester that diagnoses problems in automotive vehicles. 

It uses a 20ft cable attached to the vehicle’s battery, allowing the user to have a multitude of testers at their fingertips to perform electrical tests anywhere in the vehicle.  

The 20 ft jumper lead set allows the user to test jumper to jumper without using jumper leads. 

You’ll get an instant ground lead or hot lead with the press of a switch. 

The Power Probe III has the benefits of power probes I and II with the addition of a Voltmeter. Once you connect it to your vehicle’s battery, you can access amazing diagnostic functions. 


  • It has a digital Voltmeter with minimum and maximum voltage capturing.
  • It has visual and audible indicators and two cool white LED headlights to light up your work area. 
  • 20 ft jumper lead set that allows you to conduct electrical tests anywhere in or around the vehicle. 
  • Relay and component tester that allows you to check for continuity of relays instantly. 
  • It has a short circuit indicator and circuit breaker that allows you to follow and locate short circuits fast. 
  • Ability to power up components. Use the ground lead and probe tip simultaneously to power up components from your hand.


BrandPower Probe
Manufacturer Power Probe
Manufacturer part numberPP3CSRED

Product dimensions( LxWxH)7.5x 12 x2 inches
Product weight1.36 pounds
Special features20 ft jumper lead set, relay and component tester, digital voltmeter, and audible and visible indicators
What's in the boxPower Probe III Clam Shell Red with 20 ft lead, battery hook-up clips, and an instruction manual

What’s the use of Power Probe III Clamshell Circuit Tester?

Power Probe III Clamshell Red offers innovative technology and knowledge solutions for automotive technicians and consumers. Applying ground or battery power through the device simplifies testing for the following vehicle elements.

  • Motor
  • Fans
  • Lights
  • Relays
  • Circuits
  • Fuse boxes
  • Wires
  • Sensors


Power Probe III instruction Manual



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