Uniden Bearcat B125AT Handheld Scanner

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT is a sophisticated handheld scanner with 500-Alpha Tagged channels in a suitable compact design. It is divided into the storage of ten banks and comes with several amazing features.


Uniden Bearcat BC125AT is a versatile and easy-to-use 500-Alpha tagged channel handheld scanner with a convenient compact design and tons of features that allow you to scan through radio communication and stay informed of what’s happening nearby. 

It has 500 memory channels where you can store several frequencies and organize the channels by separating the frequencies into ten different banks. 

It allows you to organize the channels by location, area of interest, department, or any of your preferred ways.

Furthermore, with Alpha tagging, you can assign names to your channels to find and track your frequencies more easily and in a faster way. For instance, you can keep Bank 1 as your police bank, Bank 2 as your fire bank, Bank 3 as your Emergency Medical Services(EMS), and so on. 


  • It has 500-Alpha tagged channels divided into ten storage banks allowing you to find the channel you want to listen to faster and easier.   
  • The Close Call RF Capture Technology is a unique feature that instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters, sometimes up to 60 miles away, depending on the local geography, height, interference, etc. Furthermore, the Close Call Do Not Disturb(DND) Mode prevents interruptions of important transmissions. 
  • It has over 40,000 frequencies that allow you to listen to civilian and military air bands, including ambulance, weather, fire, non-digital police, railroad, aircraft, marine, racing events, civil air, and Amateur radio services.  
  • It has a lightweight, portable design. You can conveniently carry it with you on the roads or on outings. You can easily read its orange backlight display even in low-light conditions. 
  • It has convenient pre-sets for popular searches, allowing you to easily find channels that interest you. Frequencies are set and divided into ten separate search bands, including non-digital police, fire/emergency, marine, railroad, ham, civil air, CB radio, racing, FRS/GMRS/MURS, and military air. 
  • Stay safe and informed with NOAA weather channel scans. This weather scanning feature helps you track changing weather conditions and storms. In addition, you can activate weather alert mode to receive alarming weather warnings. 


Number of channels500
Product Width2.6 inches
Product height4.5 inches
Product depth1.3 inches
Product weight6.2 oz(without the antenna and batteries)
Scan rate80 channels per second
Search rate90 steps per second
270 steps per second (5kHz step)
Included components BC125AT Scanner with attached belt clip, wrist strap, antenna, USB cable, and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
Operating temperature -20 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius

What’s the use of Uniden Bearcat B125AT Handheld Scanner?

The Uniden Bearcat BC125AT handheld scanner can be used to scan radio frequencies so that you can listen and stay informed wherever you are. 

  • It’s used for personal and professional purposes to check or scan several channels or frequencies, including police, fire, EMS/rescue, railroad, air traffic, and many more.
  • It scans both military and civilian frequencies and allows you to stay informed of what’s happening in your surroundings.
  • It helps you track and identify severe weather conditions to help you stay safe. 

Uniden Bearcat B125AT Manual

BC125AT Owners Manual



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